Elvis' TCB logo, formed with the letters TCB and a lightning bolt, stands for "taking care of business in a flash." Starting in October 1970, for himself and close male friends and associates, Elvis had gold TCB necklaces designed by Schwartz & Ableser of Beverly Hills. They cost him $90 each at the time. These became a coveted symbol of Elvis' friendship and respect through all the years that followed. Then, starting in January 1971, he had TLC ("tender loving care") necklaces made in the same design to honor close female friends and associates. Memphis jeweler Lowell Hays eventually took on the job of making the necklaces. (Courtesy Elvis World Japan)

Elvis kept the first TCB for himself and gave the 2nd to Sonny West who was with Elvis when he picked them up.

Schwartz & Ablesser made a total of 80 TCB necklaces. It is unknown how many Lowell Hayes made.