1956 EPE Lipstick and Statuette Advertising Flyer

This flyer was issued in 1956 by Official Star Souvenirs to advertise the availability of Elvis Presley Lipstick and the Bronzed Statuette. (The “Bronzed Statuette” is actually made of plastic.)

I have the Bronzed Statue in my collection. A few years ago I found an original shipping box of the lipsticks in different shades still on the display cards. I also have the color chart showing the different shades of lipstick.

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  1. Stefano says:

    Would happen to have any of the Elvis ’56 lipsticks available and would you sell any of them? I’m interested in any of the cosmetics that came out in that period for Elvis including the perfume.

    Let me know and thank you.

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