Elvis’ Crown From The Aloha From Hawaii Concert

At the end of the Aloha From Hawaii concert a fan gives Elvis a crown that he carries off stage. Ever wonder what happened to it? Apparently he held on to it. It is now on display at the Elvis in Hawaii Museum at Graceland in Memphis.



Colonel Parker’s Tablecloth Las Vegas Contract

I had never seen the infamous Colonel Parker tablecloth contract until I saw it on display last week in the Sincerely Elvis Museum, while at Elvis Week. It looks like someone was so excited about signing the deal that they spilled their coffee.


Las_Vegas_1969_Elvis_Contract las_Vegas_elvis_contract

Fan Letter Written To Elvis While in the Army

I recently obtained this letter that was written to Elvis while he was in the army. It was inserted into a birthday card for that she sent to him.

Elvis Billboard Chart Appearance August 18, 1954

I just got a fill page from the August 28, 1954 issue of Billboard Magazine. The C&W Chart for Memphis has one of the first appearances by Elvis, with Blue Moon of Kentucky at #3. Elvis’ last name is misspelled “Prisley”

There is also another Elvis related news item on the same page. It is mentioned in a news article that Colonel Tom Parker is currently completing negotiations to represent motion picture star John Carroll. I do not believe that an agreement was ever reached. Carroll had a long career stretching from 1929-1974.

1954 Memphis Recording Service Acetate Receipt

The item from my Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia book that I wrote 12 years ago that I am most often asked about is the June 1954 Memphis Recording Service receipt made out to Elvis. Unfortunately, the short answer is that I know almost nothing about it. As was credited in the book, the receipt did not belong to me. I have never seen it in person. It was submitted for inclusion in the book. I have been accused of knowing what acetate the receipt was for and for some reason wanting to keep it to myself. (Not true) I have also been accused of creating the receipt myself. (Also not true)   It has been called a fake. (I have no idea whether it is real or not. At the time that I included it in the book I had no reason to believe that it was not.) The only thing that I can say for sure is that the caption describing the receipt in the book was placed their in error. It definitely is not a receipt for a That’s Alright Mama acetate.

Weird Elvis News From the 1950s

I recently bought a vintage fan made scrapbook that has a lot of interesting news clippings. I though that I would share a couple of them. One is a report of a boy who was electrocuted while bring to hang Elvis in effigy. The other is a story of a man who was arrested for trying to punch Elvis because his wife was carrying a picture of Elvis in her wallet.


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Trailer for the upcoming book Collecting Elvis Presley has been released

The trailer for our upcoming Elvis Presley memorabilia book, Collecting Elvis Presley, has been released.  Click here to go the the Collecting Elvis Presley site and view the trailer.

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Elvis Week 2012 Auction

Heritage Auctions will once again be conducting an all Elvis Presley Auction during Elvis Week 2012. The auction will take place at the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. Heritage conducted a similar auction at the Peabody in 2012.

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1956 EPE Lipstick and Statuette Advertising Flyer

This flyer was issued in 1956 by Official Star Souvenirs to advertise the availability of Elvis Presley Lipstick and the Bronzed Statuette. (The “Bronzed Statuette” is actually made of plastic.)

I have the Bronzed Statue in my collection. A few years ago I found an original shipping box of the lipsticks in different shades still on the display cards. I also have the color chart showing the different shades of lipstick.

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1956 Elvis Presley Topps Salesman Sample

This combined three card panel was used by Topps in 1956 to advertise their Elvis Presley card set to dealers. The opposite side contains the images from three of the cards in the set. This was originally a one piece item. This example was cut in three pieces.

I recently added this to my collection after a lengthy search.

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